Never lose yourself. Most of the time, we are creating ourselves to the expectations of our parents, friends and all the people around us. We are creating ourselves based on their idea of how we should live and on how are we going to spend our life. We are forming ourselves according to their opinions, thoughts and assumptions. That’s why when we are already formed. At the end of the day, we don’t know who we are. We don’t know what we really like and we don’t even know what would be our life at the end of the race. Just because we were created by opinions and thoughts of others, living with their expectations would be the hardest part. How are you going to maintain that appearance, that personality built by others. Then, you would realize that you don’t want to make mistakes anymore, thinking if this is right or wrong, realizing that this is not the life you want – pleasing others.

It’s hard to live in the society where expectation is on the top of priority. Learn to stand! Know yourself! Be guided not by others but by God. Know your worth! Know your Purpose.


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