Long time ago, A creator of utensils started to create his new invention after creating a beautiful spoon. When the spoon is being used for years, the creator noticed that the beautiful spoon can’t serve the people alone during their meal time. That’s why to his greatness and ingenuity, he made and discovered “The Fork”.

After creating the fork, the creator was quite happy with this creation as the fork has the same length with the spoon, has the same body texture and has four slightly thick stick-alike on the upper part. The creator can’t really imagine that He could made an invention for food like this. He thinks that this would really help the People.

One day, when the handsome fork woke up, he tried to walk down the street and entered to different kind of restaurants, he was amazed by how people use spoon as they eat. So, He started to act out like the spoon. Do what the spoon Can do. He tried his best to be useful but it did not work out. He got jealous, he got depressed and thinking why the creator made him and left him for not telling him what to do.

Then, He dreamed to be a spoon. He promised to be a spoon no matter what so that people will appreciate him, so that people will like him as he knew that the beautiful spoon is being loved by everyone. Like the other utensils, he wants to be appreciated. This is the compelling reason why he wanted to be a spoon.

While heading back to the place where once He made, he was trying to locate where his creator was. Another day has passed and still he was patiently waiting. He was in the midst of desolation. He prayed. Oh my creator, where are you now? I need you to talk to me. I want to be spoon. I want to be useful. Is it possible for you to mold me again and be like spoon? I am begging you please here my plea.

The creator heard his prayer and He said:

I cannot see anything wrong about you, you are so wonderfully made.

Why all of a sudden you want to be a spoon?

Can’t you see the beauty in you?

Can’t you see How amazing you are. Can you?

I don’t need to change you as I made you for purpose.

All you have to do is find out why are you here.

A spoon needs to be spoon and you have to be you.

Come and follow me.

The creator went to the kitchen and ate his dinner.

Appreciate yourself as your creator made you for who you are. Never compare yourself with anyone else. You have to be you. Regardless of your imperfection, flaws and past. Head your way back to your creator and ask Him why are you here as the creator has the only reason why he created you. Regardless what your purpose is, live with it as the greatest satisfaction comes with fulfilling your life’s ultimate mission.


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